Nice to meet you!!

I live in lovely Porto, Portugal and spend my days working on web based projects at ROFF, supporting communities and startups, and most of all enjoying precious time with my family.

My Twitter handle is @Joao_Oliveira and you can reach me there anytime.

My current hobbies are soccer, chess, books and articles on Medium and Quora, and I ocasionally share some pictures on Instagram.


Currently I work at ROFF, most specifically on the Jump team. We provide our customers an array of web solutions and I act mostly as product owner, managing teams, projects and clients. I also dedicate a great deal of my time doing some programming on the backend, frontend, database and devops side of things, because I do enjoy coding and all help is useful!

I have a master’s degree in Computers and Telematics and have been, for the past 15 years, building websites, e-commerce stores, integrations and everything else for the web. Fortunately there is a lot of great people in the tech space to draw inspiration from.

You can check some of my projects on this site. Also grab a glimpse of my resume.


One of my favorite things to do is follow up on people and companies that are looking ahead. I “hunted” products and startups way before Product Hunt or Angel List came along, and continue to love doing so.

I curate tech job applications for a cool startup called

I have also co-founded a JavaScript community here in Porto called @opojs. It’s a great opportunity to network, watch some talks and meet new people.

And whenever I can, I contribute to side projects and chip in some Slack communities. And when opportunity presents itself, I do some advisory and small investments.


I’m married to Nathalie Nathalie

This is Rafael, doing his best Ronaldo pose Rafael

And this is little Leonardo