My name is João Fontes Oliveira and I’m 34 years old.

I was in Porto, where I live currently. I have an older brother who is an MD in Psychiatry, and both my parents are now enjoying retirement.

I had a happy childhood and was always drawn to sports and computers.

I competed in swimming and football, and was always pretty athletic and up for any game. Later in life I regretted not starting young at any martial art, as I’ve come to appreciate the discipline and dedication needed to excel at that, and how it translates to everything else in life. I’ve also always loved mental games, either math or logical quizzes, or card(board) games. I love everything about Poker because it’s a people game with an underrated component of skill and logic. I’ve done well in some tournaments and I’ve had the most fun playing it recreationally with my childhood friends. Recently I started to pay lots of attention to Chess. It’s been years where every night I consume some form of chess content and love the History, strategy and playing styles. I recommend the Mato Jelic and Chess Network videos for anyone interested, Mato and Jerry are awesome teachers. For my favorite player ever, there is no doubt: The Magician from Riga, Mikhail Tal.

I’ve had the good fortune and privilege of having a personal computer at a young age when they first started coming to homes in Europe. My first one was an Unisys 386, right about the time DOS was king and Windows 3.1 was coming out. I have great memories of those years where your DOS startup diskette led you to a command line where you could swap in another one that booted useful tools like Works, Lotus123, or great games like Rick Dangerous or Ironman Super Offroad. I miss those days. OS’s became Windows 95,98,XP and games became Sierra’s Kings Quest and Quake.

I graduated high school and got into college at beautiful Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice.


My MST of choice was Computers and Telematics and I learned a lot, inside and outside of campus, about computers and programming. We built computers from scratch, formed Linux groups, founded students associations, went crazy with LAN parties when Half Life 2 and UT2003 got out, etc. It was an awesome part of my life, filled with great memories and learning experiences.

When I graduated in 2009 I was already working at a startup on campus. Then I thought the best way to jump start my career was to gather experiences with the most diverse types of companies and field areas possible. Within the next 3 years I joined another startup that promoted local events, a big multinational health enterprise, a startup that was growing fast in web marketing, and ended up settling with ROFF, a multi awarded consultancy company that is, indeed, a great place to work. I was in a point of my life where I needed to balance my personal life, so we got married and had our baby boy. We’ve been happily enjoying parenthood ever since.

You can grab a glimpse of my resume on this site, and I’ve also been compiling some case studies on some of the projects and ventures I’ve been involved with.